The gazing healer

Recently on a trip to California, I had the chance to see Braco, pronounced Braht-zo, a healer from Croatia.  His way of working with people is different to all the healers I've met or worked with or even heard about to this point.   It is certainly different to the way I work with people.   Braco's way of helping people is to simply gaze at them, but not necessarily individually.  Usually, Braco gazes at a crowd of people, hundreds of people.


Braco does not call himself a healer although many healings are attributed to him.


On a recent Sunday morning I parked the rental car near the Holiday Inn on Van Ness Street in San Francisco.  The line for the 10:00am session (just one of nine daily gazing sessions) was already hundreds of people long.  I did some math.  If the cost of a session is $8, how many people can be seated here in this ballroom?  My quick and conservative estimate was 600.  Times  nine sessions is a lot of money.   I wondered how many books, DVDs and gold necklaces are sold daily.  I noticed my inner skeptic was very much alive and active.


I felt irritated by the young, attractive, blonde hostess's buoyant remarks about Braco and the apparent miracles that result spontaneously during and after the 10 minute gazing sessions.  Volunteers helping with seating and other aspects of the organization spoke to the audience about their own experiences of Braco's gaze.  Still my inner skeptic was active.  Indeed, it was hyper-active.


At some point after Braco appeared on the stage, I decided that I could try to hold my skepticism while also remaining open to the possibility that I might also have a healing experience.  After all, I call myself a healer.  Rather than holding the two states simultaneously, I might have been oscillating between the two instead.


As this long haired man with a sweet face and presence stood silently turning his head from side to side as he seemed to take in all of the people standing in front of him, I wondered, "Why him?"  Why isn't the person next to me, or even myself imbued with such apparent extraordinary power?   What about mass hysteria, mass hypnotism?  Finally, I reflected on the idea of all time being present all of the time.


If past, present and future are always with us in the moment, then if I was to be healed, I might already be healed.


Words cycled through my mind, “I will be healed, I am healed, I was healed.” “I was healed, I am healed, I will be healed.”


The realization came, that I am fine as I am.  And for a while afterward I could know that.