Is it voodoo?

Even though I've now put my hands on several thousand people, most of them when I was worked at  Morrisotwn Memorial Hospital's Integrative Medicine program as a hands on healer and have seen "stuff" happen under my hands, I still have moments of doubt about my ability or anyone's ability to effect change in another person.

Perhaps I am not really doing much.  It certainly doesn't look like I'm doing much as I sit or stand very still and am mostly silent as I work with a person.  Maybe when I put my hands on a person I'm simply giving their system a jumpstart, a gentle prod, a quiet wake up call.  It's said by many healers that the body's desire is to be in equilibrium. 

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the hands are jumper cables, much like a car's starter system, giving one's energetic system just enough of a boost to get itself working more smoothly.  And we can do that for ourselves.

In the Reiki healing system, the energy the healer transmits to the other knows right where to go.  How is that?

It's like magic, right?  Or voodoo?  But if it helps a person to feel better, does it matter if it's voodoo?