I think therefore I breathe

Lucky me.  I was recently in Europe, partly for work and partly for fun.  The work was in Helsinki, Finland where I facilitated the Family Constellations work with my dear friend and fellow healer, Kristiina Kurki-Suonio. 

There was fun in Helsinki and also in Spain where I spent the greater time.  Once in southern Spain, it didn't take long to adjust to a slow pace.  How easy it was to sit for hours at outdoor cafes sipping cafe con leche people watching or just staring into space - a new meditation practice for me!  How fun to explore new sights.  How warm and welcoming were the locals, even in the tourist areas. How delightful was the weather.

"I want to live here," often popped into my mind.  Then in the next moment came the reminder that vacation does not equal the reality of living long term in a place no matter how lovely.  Such disappointment that particular thought would bring.  Was my life in New Jersey so bland compared to life here in Granada or Sevilla?  Sure.  Take another breath.  Wow, that church on the plaza opposite the cafe is magnificent.  Breathe.  Nice to not have a schedule today.  Breathe. 

How do you say breathe in Spanish?