New Jersey will require energy healers to be licensed in massage therapy

Here in New Jersey, on August 31. 2013, energy workers who place their hands on their clients will be required to have a massage license.  Although the State of New Jersey has been debating this issue for 15 years, this news is catching a lot of healers unprepared.  Many professional healers have been scrambling to understand the new law and it implications for their clients and themselves.

Those New Jersey practitioners who were aware of the coming change have been hoping that the State would not follow through.  Others have simply not known about the new law as it is not exactly front page news.  After 27 years as a resident of New Jersey, I know I still am poorly informed about developments in my state's current affairs.  I often wonder if it is peculiar to New Jersey given the amount of decentralization that exists here.

The change in the law puts a lot of healing practices in jeopardy.  Many of us who earn our primary living through our healing work will have to meet the new requirements or close down our practices.

Practitioners have the opportunity to meet the education requirement through a grandfathered clause that requires instruction in a State-approved program.  There's not much time in which to do this.  The hours need to be achieved before August 31st.

Luckily for my clients and for me, I am able to meet the new requirements through a massage course that is especially created for Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners. 

My healing office will be open over the next month while I complete the education requirements.  Appointment hours will be restricted of course.

The good news for clients is that I will have a new skill to offer.  Adding massage to my current healing modalities willl be of great benefit to the people I work with.