New Jersey will require energy healers to be licensed in massage therapy

Here in New Jersey, on August 31. 2013, energy workers who place their hands on their clients will be required to have a massage license.  Although the State of New Jersey has been debating this issue for 15 years, this news is catching a lot of healers unprepared.  Many professional healers have been scrambling to understand the new law and it implications for their clients and themselves.

Those New Jersey practitioners who were aware of the coming change have been hoping that the State would not follow through.  Others have simply not known about the new law as it is not exactly front page news.  After 27 years as a resident of New Jersey, I know I still am poorly informed about developments in my state's current affairs.  I often wonder if it is peculiar to New Jersey given the amount of decentralization that exists here.

The change in the law puts a lot of healing practices in jeopardy.  Many of us who earn our primary living through our healing work will have to meet the new requirements or close down our practices.

Practitioners have the opportunity to meet the education requirement through a grandfathered clause that requires instruction in a State-approved program.  There's not much time in which to do this.  The hours need to be achieved before August 31st.

Luckily for my clients and for me, I am able to meet the new requirements through a massage course that is especially created for Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners. 

My healing office will be open over the next month while I complete the education requirements.  Appointment hours will be restricted of course.

The good news for clients is that I will have a new skill to offer.  Adding massage to my current healing modalities willl be of great benefit to the people I work with.





Wellness Center opens in Kendall Park, NJ

Central New Jersey's newest Wellness Center is now open in Kendall Park.

The Sand Hills Community Wellness Center has an unusual genesis as it is the vision of Community Presbyterian Church of the Sand Hills in Kendall Park. 

The Wellness Center's mission is to provide programs and services that enhance the growth of body, mind and spirit to the community.

Already the schedule is filling up with 18 classes a week in yoga, tai chi, Qigong and meditation.  Additionally, weekly Reiki share and healing circle is offered.  Monthly group sessions in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Family Constellations, sound therapy, full moon sound healing and Argentine Tango round out the opportunities for learning and experiencing in a group setting.

Practitioners also offer individual massage and Reiki sessions by appointment.

Visit Sand Hills Community Wellness Center for more information.


Is it voodoo?

Even though I've now put my hands on several thousand people, most of them when I was worked at  Morrisotwn Memorial Hospital's Integrative Medicine program as a hands on healer and have seen "stuff" happen under my hands, I still have moments of doubt about my ability or anyone's ability to effect change in another person.

Perhaps I am not really doing much.  It certainly doesn't look like I'm doing much as I sit or stand very still and am mostly silent as I work with a person.  Maybe when I put my hands on a person I'm simply giving their system a jumpstart, a gentle prod, a quiet wake up call.  It's said by many healers that the body's desire is to be in equilibrium. 

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the hands are jumper cables, much like a car's starter system, giving one's energetic system just enough of a boost to get itself working more smoothly.  And we can do that for ourselves.

In the Reiki healing system, the energy the healer transmits to the other knows right where to go.  How is that?

It's like magic, right?  Or voodoo?  But if it helps a person to feel better, does it matter if it's voodoo?

Jin Shin Jyutsu - a jump start to your body's energy system

Recently I participated in an event organized by the Elixir Fund and hosted by the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Princeton entitled A New Year, A New You. 

The Elixir Fund is dedicated to improving the comfort and care of cancer patients and their caregivers.

The BCRC is also a very fine initiative with the mission of supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.  At the event guests were offered massage, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, as well as makeovers.  There was food and plenty of good conversation since many of the guests know each other, many in a deep and caring way.

I was there to educate the guests about Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is a form of gentle acupressure that we can use for the benefit of others or for ourselves.  Without much introduction to this modality,  over 20 women were quickly learning and practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu holds.  I find it very satisfying to equip people with skills they can use to manage stress and feel better in general.

Doing Jin Shin Jyutsu is simply about placing your hands which act as jumper cables to certain points on your body to “jump start” your body’s energy system.  It’s also very relaxing – a kind of meditation.  And it's so simple. 

Most of the holds that I taught to the group were geared around breast projects.  The women were very quick to settle into the Jin Shin Jyutsu experience.  This kind of experience was familiar to many in the room.  Within five minutes the atmosphere in the room became very still and quiet as we sat there quietly giving ourselves the Jin Shin Jyutsu hug, holding our elbows, and using other holds.

It was very satisfying for me to be part of the A New Year, A New You event and I look forward to returning to future events.