Family Constellations

Family Constellations is an effective modality that helps to break patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure, loneliness and other difficulties.

Family Constellations illuminates the hidden and often destructive loyalties within individuals and families. While much therapeutic work focuses on childhood conflicts, this work examines the difficulties, the tragedies within one's family.

In Family Constellations work it is observed that such traumatic events as the premature death of a parent, sibling or child, an abandonment, crime or suicide, can exert a powerful force affecting later generations. Entangled with unhappiness from the past, family members often continue patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, fear, chronic illness and unfulfilled relationships.

In bringing the source of an issue to light, we have the chance to find the resolution. In reuniting us with our resources, we can go on in a different way, stronger, freer.

FC brings together those pieces of us that were split apart.

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