Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is a system of healing that is based upon Buddhist and Kabbalistic (mystical Judaic) ideas and concepts from modern physics. A foundational principle of IKH is that everything in the universe is connected. Although there is no separation between the material and spiritual worlds, between oneself and others, or between oneself and Divinity, we are generally unaware of these connections or relationships. Thus begins our suffering. The purpose of IKH is to bring us back to Unity or Wholeness.

Generally a client will bring a question or problem to an IKH session. Together client and practitioner embark on a journey of discovery in an environment of utmost kindness where the process can go very deeply. The session ends with a 10 to 15 minute hands-on-healing.

The IKH system creates a deep level of transformation with a person, enhancing and strengthening one's emotional base. With greater resiliency and awareness achieved through IKH sessions, clients find themselves more able and ready to meet life's various challenges.

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